The Pandanese App has Launched!

The Pandanese App has Launched!

Hey Chinese learners.

If you are looking for a Chinese vocabulary-building app, then you’ve come to the right place. The Pandanese App is available and is the best place to learn and memorize Chinese Hanzi.

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Not too sure about it? Here are some reasons why you should be using the Pandanese app.

Pandanese app features

The Pandanese app has everything from the web version, but now on your phone. Let’s take a look at the main Pandanese app features.

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1. Has fun mnemonics

All Chinese radicals, characters, and vocabulary have fun and easy mnemonics for the Chinese meaning and reading.

For example, to remember the Chinese character for creek or stream (川), we’ve created the mnemonic that is “I had to SLASH (丿) my way up the CREEK, there were so many vines and rocks, I couldn't swim in a straight LINE (丨).”

The Chinese reading for 川 is chuān, and its mnemonic to memorize its Chinese pronunciation is, “I was stuck for a while and had to CHEW (chu) ON (ān) tree bark to survive.”

Similar fun and easy Chinese mnemonics allow you to make connections between characters, making the learning process engaging and memorable.

2. Utilize SRS (spaced repetition system)

The spaced repetition system, also known as SRS, is a learning technique that involves reviewing and practicing information over timed intervals. It is designed to optimize your memory retention by spacing out review materials based on the difficulty of recalling it

Pandanese’s SRS works by presenting Chinese characters, radicals, or vocabulary at increasing intervals. If you can easily recall a Hanzi, the system will schedule a review for that Hanzi at a later time than those more difficult Hanzi, which will be scheduled more often.

SRS plus Chinese Hanzi learning with the Pandanese App is an effective language learning process to allow you to focus more on challenging Hanzi to help you memorize them.

3. Customize your flashcards for even easier memorization

Unlike English, there are a lot of interpretations of Chinese Hanzi and not everyone has the same interpretation.

There is a reason why 川 has many English synonyms such as “creek” and “stream.” But what if you like the translation “river?”

Pandanese allows you to customize your flashcard meaning. So, you can add “river” to its meaning. After clicking save, you can now type “river” into the text field.

Learning Chinese should not be restrictive, which is why being able to utilize your Chinese flashcards is important for flexible learning.

4. Chinese pronunciation: 

Knowing the translation for Chinese Hanzi can help you read, but mastering a language also involves being able to speak and understand what is being said.

This is why all the Chinese Hanzi on the Pandanese app will have native Chinese pronunciations for you to listen to as many times as you want.

Why learn on the Pandanese app?

1. Easily learn on the go

With the Pandanese App, your Chinese learning is no longer just on your web browser. Having the Chinese Hanzi learning app allows you to take your lessons wherever you go.

So whether you are waiting or on a bus, train, or subway, you can do a quick Hanzi lesson. This flexible method will seamlessly have you learn Hanzi easily in your daily life.

2. Better flexibility 

No more having to log onto the web! Now with the Pandanese app on your phone, you just tap the app giving you the freedom to learn whenever and wherever you want.

Whether you are at home, in a cafe, or waiting to take the bus, the Pandanese app will let you learn and review Chinese Hanzi. It will give you a more dynamic and user-friendly learning experience.

3. More efficient usage of your time

Before, you would need to pull out your laptop to learn and review your Chinese Hanzi. This method doesn’t make sense especially if you want to review for 5 minutes

But now you can take advantage of these short pockets of time to review your Chinese characters!

4. Consistent progress: 

Now you can maintain a consistent learning streak with the app. Consistency is key to learning, especially language learning. 

With a tap of your finger, you can easily access your Pandanese learning for frequent reviews and exposure leading to better retention and deeper Chinese understanding for your steady Chinese language journey.

In closing

The Pandanese App has made Chinese Hanzi learning easier than before. With engaging mnemonics, utilization of the spaced repetition system (SRS), customizable flashcards, and native Chinese pronunciations, it offers a comprehensive and adaptable learning experience.

Whether you are a beginner or not, this app will perfectly align and will be a valuable tool for Chinese learners.

To get started: make an account, download the app, and then continue your journey with Pandanese.

Happy Learning!

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