Stickers For the Win! :)

Stickers For the Win! :)

I am super excited to announce that we have new Pandanese Stickers out! We wanted to give our users new insights and new ways to master Chinese Hanzi, while also maintaining a manageable learning pace and learning load!

Spaced repetition is key. It allows you to hack your brain’s natural learning processes and use them to your advantage. However, that is not all you can do. Memory tricks like mnemonics are great in helping along with the process for example. That said, today we are here to talk about something material (physical) based!

Pandanese focuses on reading and building vocabulary from the ground up with a Hanzi first approach. Adding stickers with content from your learning curriculum to your daily routine is a great way to enhance your Pandanese learning experience while having some extra fun too.

People are busy throughout the day, and that can make learning all the more challenging. Stickers give users the opportunity to have a visual example they can refer to when doing regular daily activities. This means giving users the opportunity to see Chinese characters and vocabulary around house, office, or anywhere else they go.

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The dividends are threefold. First, you get that visual review and visual imaging of vocabulary. Second, sticking stickers around the house demonstrates commitment by taking the time to visually display your intention to learn. By doing this, you are telling yourself and other people around you that you are committed to succeeding, which in turn helps enhance your motivation and actual commitment to learning Chinese. Third, stickers work as a visual reminder that there is learning to do: this helps people who really want to learn remain on track by reminding them of their goals and ensuring that they don’t forget to keep up with that goal on a daily basis.

Nowadays, portability and timing are incredibly important to the the learning process. By keeping our learning processes on the computer via software, we give ourselves a chance to learn anywhere we go and at any time. That said, it is important to not forget that we are still human and that humans are physical creatures. Bringing stickers to the mix enables users to maintain the essential advantages of learning online, while still bringing a physical element to their learning experience.

When creating these stickers, we went about selecting places around the house or office that could use them. However, we also included blank stickers that users can fill out. That way, users can fill in stickers with words they struggle with the most or are the most interested in.

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Drop by and let us know if you want some stickers or if you just want to learn some awesome Chinese! Everyone is welcome 😛

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